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What is beKOUE?

This is a community-based information site that delivers information in real time to make life easier for foreign residents living in Rokko Island, Higashinada Ward, Kobe City and Futami Town, Akashi City.

Taking advantage of the fact that the creator himself is a foreign resident, he creates a site equipped with an automatic translation※2 function to solve the inconvenience that he himself felt and the various questions that foreigners feel.

The purpose is to transmit information specialized in local life, child-rearing, and corona in other languages from the perspective of foreigners who are not Japanese.Be sure to link to the source of the Japanese version of the article you quote. In the case of translated versions, you can choose to view the original or the translated version.

At the same time, by using this site, we hope to spread information about Rokko Island in Kobe City and Futami Town in Akashi City around the world, and create a more global future.

※The automatic translation of this site uses the world’s most accurate DeepL.Since the automatic translation of the language is only developed within the scope of the creator’s hobby, there are no plans to include advertisements, etc. ※1 in the news article quoted.

In order to liven up the area again, we are looking for like-minded people. If you would like to send information about Rokko Island, Akashi City, or Futami Town in Japanese or in your native language ※3, please contact us. You can post an article on the same day and share it.

Please apply from here to apply as a contributor.

Creator and beKOUE

The creator of this site is a specialist who has been involved in system development globally in Shanghai, Dalian, Tokyo, Kobe, and Osaka in China.

I am always keeping an eye on the ever-evolving IT system, and I am constantly updating myself to the extent that I am a maniac. In the past, he has been involved in the development of various genres with university hospital medical care, major logistics, and major electronic manufacturers, and has made achievements.

Sister site of the same group

All the technology we have cultivated so far is put into one ball. We are constantly evolving with new technologies.

Always thinking from the user’s point of view, it is equipped with unique functions that are convenient to have after trial and error.

  • LINE Official Collaboration & Membership Management
  • LINE Coupon System
  • LINE Electronic Receipt
  • Woocommerce Membership Plan Discount
  • Media linkage from Google Drive

and so on.

In the future, we will continue to disseminate tips that are useful for specialized work centered on WordPress, and system development techniques that even professionals could only hear here.

Website creation and production advisors, people who are not good at the Internet but want to learn skills by themselves, etc. Please contact us on the Contact Us page.


The creator has traveled to more than 20 countries and has experienced the world.

We can provide interpreting mainly for native Chinese and Japanese for people who are not good at language in everyday life (business correspondence is also possible), and accompanying interpreting for people who have traveled from China to Japan. increase.

We are confident that we can provide the world with in-depth information about Kobe and Akashi City, a land with connections. Please feel free to contact the creator first.

※1 Sister sites in the same group are not eligible.

※2 Currently (2023/3), the automatic translation language can be translated from Japanese to “English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish”. Vietnamese language, etc. will be installed sequentially.

※3 Currently (2023/3) “English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish” → Japanese translation is possible.


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